another drawing dump

1. Nami, Kagamine Rin, 38, 27, Ookami
2. Nami
3. 38(adult ver), Steffi, Nami(from 2nd xD)
4. BRS
5. Ookami + random faces
6. Lucy(Elfen Lied)

ps: Nami is my OC from the story 'Double'
38, 27(girls without names, first of them is dumb TT), Ookami&Steffi are my OCs from story 'Mission'
yesterday i started rereading manga Elfen Lied and just had to draw awesome Lucy >w<
i used to be a big fan of this title some years ago, haha

by the way, all of this(except the first pic) was drawn with letraset tria markers(CG10 and R247) :D

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